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Massage Therapist and Mountain Lover



I'm a massage therapist and I love to live my life fully. I have many passions, many of which bring me outdoor and in nature. Ten years ago I started to develop my love for ultra trail run up in the mountains and this passion led me to explore and discover beautiful places here in Switzerland as well as abroad. I learned a lot from my long runs in alpine landscapes, experiencing unforgettable moments and sensations, feeling each time enlivened and enriched. A few years ago I discovered yoga and I immediately found many similarities with my passion for running, like the connection between body and mind which I experience whenever I am in nature. This is why the idea of joining yoga and the mountains as a unique experience was for me like bringing a dream to life. Sharing the most beautiful places of our region with others is for me a real pleasure. 

You can find me on instagram @sabrina_bassi_massage_therapy_



Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher



I am inspired by nature, the strength of the human spirit, gratitude, and simple acts of kindness.
I teach yoga to offer individuals tools to build a healing space within themselves that they can return to again and again. During my classes I put emphasis on mindfulness to encourage them to listen to what is happening inside in order to be more present for their lives.
I love helping people find their sweet spot between challenging themselves by playing outside their comfort zones and turning inward for self care and restoration.

For more information visit my website or let's connect on instagram @irene.yogini

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